Kara Adams

Unbridled Adventures? Quiet Dreamers? The Traveling Kind?

Hi there,  Darlin'...

This is

Real Love, the

on your mantle,

in your wallet,

passed down through the generations kind.


Steel magnolias

Butter on biscuits

Lightening bugs in the summer

White cowboy boots

Bruce Springsteen


It's important that we go together like peaches and cream. Let's talk. I'll start.


The Gal with                         the camera...


  Want to avoid those photos where you (and your band) are standing against a plain background, awkwardly posing, the guitar player looks like he's uncomfortable, the drummer didn't get to wardrobe memo, and do we even need to mention the bassist?

  To stand out in the current music scene you need images which are as insightful, thoughtful, and curated as your music.



Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show

Sophie and Jacob

A last minute secret elopement between soulmates who couldn't wait another moment.

Recent Work

Angela and Travis

Horses, cowboys, lace, and a waterfall.

Model With Horse


Want to work with me?

Why not one of the other hundreds of photographers you've looked at?

  When I photograph you I'm thinking about more than a background or a Facebook post.

My background is in film photography so I know what it feels like to spend weeks perfecting a single image. When I take your photograph I'm thinking about you 5, 10, 60 years down the road. These images are for your grandchildren. You're getting forever when you work with me.

Model In The Sun

Why Me?

Father and Daughter

There is more

To every family and relationship

Than laughter and smiles and perfect lighting

Trust Me

To find every moment of you

Thank You!