Let's Do this Right

We need to make sure we belong together. This is more than a client-vendor relationship. This is more than just a one day, one time thing.

You're photographs, your memories, your stories are more than sunsets, "say cheese," and awkward poses. Those images might be beautiful, but when people see the moments we've created together I want them to say they feel the photo, not just that they're beautiful.

This is Forever


When we're together I want us to focus on the moment, the love, the beauty, not where the creases in the dress sit or making sure every strand of hair is perfectly in place.

This is about you and your baby playing with the petals of you bouquet and singing solos with Elvis and taking a quiet moment in the snow before your big moment.


You mean the world to me

and I'm going to prove it.

I want the moments we create to make your heart throb for years. For you to cut these photos out and put them in lockets, in your wallet, tape them to the dash because you can't stand a day without looking at them. I want us to become friends. I want us to be so close that you're not worried about being in front of the camera with me. I want us to trust each other to give everything we have. I want us to understand each other at a level that allows for intimate moments and uninhibited emotion.

Everyone has their own flare


And, that's the way it should be. Whether you're getting married in a bar in a pink dress, holding your baby at the alter, hiking up a mountain, or riding away on a motorcyle there is no one else like you. Your photos should be as unique as you are. My style may shift and adapt to fit whoever I work with, but I do my upmost to preserve the quality and dedication you see in all of my photographs.


Let's make something...

That really matters.

Don't say "I wish I could..."

Want to hike through the Smokies and get married after an 8 mile trek? Want a portrait session in your backyard, your favorite bar, a creek in the middle of nowhere? Pink dress? Fire dancer? Wear racing shoes at the alter? Have the works, something classic and smooth and beautiful?

Let's do it. The only thing you'll regret is not making yourself happy, first.

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