I have a question...

I have an answer, welcome to Radio Shack...

               I'm allowed to say that since they went bankrupt, right?

This is just a small list of questions I typically get asked. Of course if you have anymore feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to answer.


Can we have you shoot in film as well?

Absolutely! I have been shooting in film for my entire photographic career. I have practiced nearly every step of film including developing my own film and processing my own prints. I do not, however, shoot only film. There is ALWAYS a chance that film fails so I always shoot digital, even as just a back-up, when you add on the film package. 

How does covering travel work?


I only ask you cover cover the bare minimum. Transportation and lodgings. If the travel requires a flight: I will book my own flight and you'll reimburse me within a week. If I can drive there all you'll have to pay is gas money and where I sleep. If the event is in TN all you have to pay for is lodging if necessary. Don't worry, we'll work together too figure out exactly what the cost will be. I won't book a first class ticket with a few overnight connections and insist on lobster/steak with my room service. I'm a pretty simple gal when it comes to travel.


How many images do we get?

I don't have a limit to the amount of photos I will send you. I shoot thousands of photos per session. These are culled down to the best which I then edit and send to you. I promise you'll receive plenty of photos of everything!


What if I want something edited a specific way?

Can we get the RAW images?

This will always be a no. I spend weeks carefully editing each image. Not only are the photos themselves representations of my name and brand, but the editing is as well. Additionally, you won't be able to edit the images after I send them to you with IG filters or the like.

I carefully select each photo I edit and from there carefully curate each edit to enhance the photo in what I consider to be the most beautiful form it can take. If I edit a photo a few different ways and believe they're all worthy of sending, you'll get them. If you want certain edits on certain photos after I've sent them it will be an additional fee and I only do this once. I've spent years studying my craft and feel that the edits I offer are the best form of the photos!


How long will I have to wait for my photographs?

Portrait sessions tend to take 3-5 weeks while weddings can take anywhere from 5-8 weeks.  I do my best to get the images to you in a timely manner, but it is important to me that everything I send you be worthy of your time, your money, and your mantle.

What if we cancel?

I do require a non refundable retainer fee that equals 1/3 the total cost of your session. After that any thing you paid me will be refunded. (If I can get flights/tickets/booked rooms refunded you get that back as well!)


What if we need to reschedule?

If you need to reschedule, as long as I don't have any conflicts with other bookings, I'm there for you. As of right now I don't require a second retainer fee for weddings, but I do require this for portraits sessions. Unless the weather is bad enough to ruin my equipment or make the whole experience miserable, then we'll reschedule with no issues! I do however encourage everyone to embrace a little snow or some rain, it will only serve to make the experience that much more unique.


What if you can't show up to our event?

If the fates work against us with something such as a death, act of god, or illness I will refund your money in full as well as send you a list of photographers I trust to take over.

What do we wear? How do we pose? What if we're awkward?

Step One: Stop panicking. 

I've got you. I have spent years working with people who have never been in front of a camera before. Not only will I help style you, I will also ensure you're comfortable in front of the camera. This is much easier to explain in person, but I have yet to have anyone end their session still feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

How long will this take/last?

This rests on what type of session we're looking at. A wedding will last you all day, from the moment you start getting ready until you vanish for your wedding night. Portrait sessions start out at around 2 hours with 1-2 locations, and time increases from there when we include more locations and outfit changes.


Can we have guests watch?

Unless this is a senior portrait-type session with a guardian I say no. Trust me, this will affect the images more than you know. Not only that, but it will also affect the way I work. 

We want to get married on a hike. Are you up for it?

My hiking boots are probably already on and laced up.

Why is this so expensive? We have a really tight budget, can you help us?


I have to pay my bills, but so do you.

I charge what I am worth, nothing more. 

While I am pretty firm on my pricing I understand what it's like to be in a tight spot. Fill out my contact form and make sure to include your budget. We're in this together and I will do my upmost to make it work out between us including changing hours and making a payment plan. Everyone deserves to have their memories preserved in a real, raw, forever sort of way.

Let me explain:

From the moment you pay your retainer you have a 24-hour SOS emergency hotline to me. I spent weeks before weddings getting to know you, we video chat and text, I learn your dogs name, your childhood crush, your favorite cookie (you bet I'll try to bake it and bring it to you.) For portraits we text, send pictures, I stalk your social media, I learn more about you than your friends do so that when I photograph you- I photograph you. The day of I spend anywhere from 2-8+ hours at a session working my ass off to get those perfect shots. Afterwards I spend weeks culling, editing, sequencing, sending previews, checking up on you. And, in no way am I complaining. I love my job. I am extremely dedicated. I spent an entire summer working three jobs to save up for equipment, this is my life. When I say you get all of me, I mean that you get all of me.