I'm an award winning photographer who's been shooting for over seven years and I have earned a BFA in photography

But, that's not what I'm all about...

...Photographing You

Is photographing my family, my future, myself.

I'll have breakfast with you, laugh and cry at your stories, hike from sunrise to sunset for your 

ceremony on a cliff, I'll know your dog's name, 

hold your baby in my arms, wave as you drive away on a motorcycle, understand why you picked that song for that first dance.

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All love deserves this sort of forever.


  I have 4 little sisters, a mother I adore, a father I like to make proud, great grandparents who fill my heart, cousins I’d bail out of jail, I know what it feels like to be in love, a best friend who makes me laugh til I cry, I've had my blood boil, my heart swell, I've cried at the sight of the Tennessee hilltops, lost my breath for the Arizona sunset.

Who I Am...

Me 'n Wally



Laughter Deep Sighs  Nicknames Dirty Jokes Chaste Touches Legs Around Waists

Let's Make Something Real

So, sit a spell and tell me all about yourself. I am not just your photographer. This is a real relationship.You are more than a number, than a client. If we work together you’re the kind of person I want to sit on a front porch with, sipping tea, and watching cars go by. And, maybe listen to a little AC/DC.

Love Notes

"Thank you for coming out yesterday and just being so great! You are truly a wonderful photographer and an amazing person! I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to take my pictures!" -From Carlie


Kara is the kindest, most humble person I know. She made a very special friend of mine feel beautiful and confident in her senior pictures. Kara is definitely a professional and you won’t regret hiring her. The thing I love most about her is that she encourages the person she is photographing to loosen up and have fun during the session, so the portraits won’t turn out awkward or look uncomfortable. She will try her best to accommodate every request, including different locations and outfit changes. What really sets Kara apart from other photographers is her ability to make the session a special experience for the client and not just a paycheck for herself! 

-From Courtney


 Trust Me…

When we work together I will give

You every ounce of me

All of my pieces.

Trust me with your moments,

Your family, your pieces.